About the “Friends of Norwell”

Food Pantry Volunteer Workers

The Friends of Norwell was created to assist families and children in Norwell.

The Norwell Food Pantry has been in existence since 1991, serving families with the support of local churches, businesses and individuals.

The Friends of Norwell, Inc. & Norwell Food Pantry, Inc. are all part of a network of non-profit organizations engaged in helping Norwell residents, regardless of race, religion or way of life.

Reaching Out…Meeting Needs…
…Changing Lives
YOU have the ability to change a life for the better…
…and you can make it happen every week of the year.

How can you do that?

Through the Friends of Norwell, your tax-deductible donation can feed or clothe a family that has fallen on hard times. The need increases daily, and the Friends of Norwell want to be there to help.


Life ebbs and flows, and nobody knows when anyone might be down, and need some assistance.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners